Finding Out

The hobby of amateur radio seems to attract experts in all kinds of things.  So the purpose of the hobby that’s expressed as following a process of self-training should be well catered for.  Some clubs seem to excel in organising and presenting interesting and informative events while others seem content with having a bunch of mostly older blokes sitting around moaning.

I genuinely enjoy finding out about almost anything I don’t already know about and I also like to find out more about what I already know a little PowerPoint Guy - clip artof.  So I’m a sucker for a talk, a presentation or a hands-on workshop.  And it occurred to me that at least some of those events might interest others.

So this review begins with a surface mount technology workshop – we called it a SMD School, in fact – that was put on by members of the Finningley club in the autumn of 2013.  And shortly after that – while the smell of solder smoke and hot flux was still in my nostrils, in fact – the Denby Dale club put on a talk about nanowave communications (Light-wave technology, that is) presented by Barry, G8AGN and Richard, G0RPH.

Date Title Location
 16. Nov 2013  SMD School Finningley ARS,
Sandtoft, Doncaster DN8
 20. Nov 2013  Nanowave Communications Denby Dale ARS,
Pie Hall, Denby