On the old version of this would have been the index page of the section with the title General Information Pages.Close-up image of a small electronic project It seemed a bit wordy and I wasn’t really sure that the information would be particularly general.  Then I’d wanted to suggest that the pages represented some kind of discussion or colloquy.

Most of my earlier construction project qualify, quite probably, as QRP.  There is – it seems – always an inherent simplicity in QRP project – they may be quite involved but there is a natural clarity to them.

A number of the construction projects have run as group activities at PDARS – the Pontefract club – and some have been taken further afield as talks, demos or construction workshop events.  We have run several buildathons at the Pontefract club – our first was a mass-build of the SP1 transmitter featured in SPRAT some time ago.

Over a g years good few years now I’ve been listening to Bill Meara’s Soldersmoke podcast.  It’s changed a lot since the end of 2011, I’d say, and much of the interesting detail is now in Bill’s blog, Soldersmoke Daily News.