G5VZ in 2014

Plus a bit of history

The station is located just south of Pontefract in Yorkshire, UK – quite close to the junction of the A1, The Great North Road as was, and the M62. WAB square SE41; Maidenhead Locator IO93ip.  We’re about 35m above sea level.

On the front of the house I have a 2m and 70cm collinear; from that pole, across the house and into the back garden is a doublet; the centre of the doublet is supported by a mast fixed to the back wall of the house and that supports a four metre vertical.  (See the photo at right.)  I have a SRC HF360 vertical mounted on a short scaffold tube cemented into the ground in the back garden.  In the roof space along with a doublet there’s a 70MHz horizontal antenna.  There’s a three element Yagi for 70MHz in a box, still in the garage together with a rotator and a chimney lashing kit.mfj1026_02

The indoor doublet is poor on the lower HF bands but better on those higher frequencies but makes a great back-up when the external antennas succumb to the weather.  As a sense antenna for the MFJ-1026 phasing noise reducer it is excellent!






Although I have a deep interest in radio communication and the electronics that underpin it, it is a hobby.  I work as a psychological therapist using hypnosis and meridian therapies: my web site it at chrispearson.co.uk  Like many radio hams, what I know about radio and electronics has been acquired – as they say – along the way.  I am an ardent promoter of the Morse Code and of CW on the air.  I’m a member of the FISTS management team in the UK and the FISTS Europe Activities Manager.  I’m also president of EuCW, the European CW Association – elected in autumn 2013.  See www.eucw.org.