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An outing to Oxenhope in the Pennines

Ossett Radio Operators take M0ORO/P into the hills

This outing was organised by Robert, M0JRB – also known as G8BUN – and the driving force behind The Ossett Radio Operators here in Yorkshire.

On the day Mel, G8EOP and Robert drove out to Oxenhope where I met them mid-morning.  We set up two stations in Roberts comfortable Transit van – Mel’s FT-847 and my own FT-817 plus transverter.  The photographs show some shots of antennas – we had a single colinear for vertical polarisation and a five element beam used mostly for SSB.  But – thanks to an ingenious mechanism designed and built by Robert – operating a single control line swung the beam into a vertical configuration and then back again, as required.5-element 4m Yagi

It was cold.  That is all I am prepared to say about the weather.

It was enjoyable (In spite of the cold!) and my personal high was a QSO into GD, Isle of Man on FM – not the greatest DX distance for the day or the most skillful operation in marginal conditions; just the high point.  Scores were unlikely to be high, we felt, considering the serial numbers being exchanged.

At the beginning of October I posted the antenna images on my old web site and then didn’t get much further…

But on 8. December 2012 PW dropped through the letter box and it turns out we came fourth overall!  Well done Mel, G8EOP and Robert, G8BUN and me.  We were listed as winners in IO93 (out of three participating stations) but fourth overall in the open section.

Well done, too, to Guildford’s G5RS/P team who won.  Thanks to G6MXL for all the hard work involved in organising the event and its aftermath.

If all contests were like this, I’d be a keen contester.

Oxenhope: Erecting the antennas